24 July 2012

i shop less when i blog less

Mark and I have been making an effort to spend less. And this is what I've learned: When I blog less, I shop less. Is this true for you too?

We could get all semantical and talk correlation versus causation, but I know in my heart it's causation. When I'm blogging a lot, I'm thinking about house projects, thinking about stuff we need to buy for said projects, and I'm perusing lots of other blogs for ideas, which of course make me spot other stuff that we can't live without.

But I wouldn't be a person living in 2012 if I didn't say that I want to have less stuff, not more stuff. And I mean it. But somehow, in that moment, the desire to have less stuff is completely disconnected from the object I am dreaming of acquiring, or actually acquiring.

My most recent purchase, a midcentury chair from the Long Beach flea market. It's a great chair, and was an awesome deal, but I won't be blogging about it anytime soon.

This I know: When I take a step back and unplug from blogland, I think about stuff a whole lot less. I spend more time with friends, I spend more time outside, I cook more. I spend less money.

I have a biiiiiiiiggggg backlog of recipes to share, so stay tuned for those. I'm going to keep going on my summer vacation from home/stuff blogging, though. And I'll totally support you if you do the same.

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