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Hi! I'm Tanja, a full-time social marketing manager and part-time yoga teacher aspiring to be just like Martha Stewart, that is if Martha would stop being such a dour perfectionist. (Smile, Martha! Life is good!)  

Oh, I also just found out that gluten hates me. So all food and recipes posted from May 2012 forward are gluten-free.

This blog is a chronicle of my journey to master the many facets of new-school domesticity and hospitality (gluten-free cooking, hosting, decorating, eco-friendly home renovation, organic gardening, sewing, you name it) without quitting my day job, spending a fortune, driving my husband crazy or giving up on the other facets of a modern woman's busy life.

My philosophy

I believe we don't need to choose between domesticity and a life of adventure. We don't need to slave for hours to throw amazing parties, create beautiful homes or make our guests feel comfortable. And we don't need to drive ourselves nuts in the quest for perfection. I say use your best china, your best towels and your guest soaps. Make your parties casual, but make things special when it really matters. Indulge your creative urges. Don't be afraid to fail. Forget about all of those fussy details that just make your guests think you're overly Type A anyway. Be a girly girl some of the time, a tomboy at others. Experiment in the kitchen, and don't apologize when the result isn't perfect. Pay other people to do things for you if it makes your life less stressful, but don't rely on others to do everything for you. Have fun at your own parties. Make time for the people you love, but make time for yourself too. Life is short.

I'm a huge believer that we can all learn a ton from each other, and spark endless ideas. Do you share my philosophy? Heartily disagree? Either way, please share what you've learned in your life's journey. I'd love to hear from you!

That photo to the right of a climber on the Shark's Fin, with Mt. Whitney in the background... that's me. But for you climbers out there, I didn't lead it (Mark did -- see below), and I have a bunch of draws clipped into two bolts since I'm off belay in this picture. I didn't say I was a good climber.

Where I've lived
Current location: Truckee, California (near Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountains)
Next most recent location: Los Angeles (8 years)
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin (ages 0-6, 11-17)
Where else I've lived: Dallas (ages 6-7), Memphis (ages 8-10), Berkeley (ages 17-21), Washington, DC (ages 21-24)

Say hi to my amazing husband Mark, my partner in crime in most of our DIY, foodie and sporty adventures. I'm pretty sure I knew he was perfect for me when we climbed to the top of Mt. Whitney together (14,000 feet and change), and then promptly turned around and drove back to LA for a fancy French dinner. This is a man who appreciates high and low as much as I do. And he accepts that's it best not to argue with one's wife about decor-related matters. The perfect man.

Our hilarious ten and eleven-year-old Chihuahuas, Bella (dark) and Chelsea (light).


  1. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your site. Would you mind emailing me back @ carlymiller687@gmail.com


  2. Your dogs are a riot. Too cute! The more photos I see of Chihuahuas, the more I'm convinced my 15 year old, 3½ pound cat, Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster), was a Chihuahua in another life! ;)

  3. I don't see where I can email you directly,so I'm gonna post this here, I hope you don't mind. I have give you a huge THANK YOU. I sware, if it wasn't for your site, I would hardly have any visitors to my blog. Every day I go in to my "stats" and 90% of the people that visit my blog are from your site. I could just hug you right now. Google 5%, Tasty Kitchen 2%, Facebook 2% Misc, 1%, Postmodernhostess 90%. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for putting me over to the right of your blog page. Seriously.....Because of your site, I keep mine going. I was just about to throw it all away, but I think you might have changed my mind! Hugs to you!

  4. I don't think I have read this before...but as always, beautifully written! I love your description of highs and lows. I was just thinking how I appreciate your love for modern and vintage. It is an amazing balance not everyone can accomplish. And I think it is great that your husband shares the same ability to go from one end to another with you!

    I am afraid if we meet one day, you are going to talk much more eloquently than me, but hopefully I can still win your heart over when we talk home decor!

  5. Hi Tanja loved the blog found it to be very inspirational, I have a question to ask so could you please email me at sarah.d@designshuffle.com that would be awesome! Thanks and have a great day :)

  6. Hi there Tanja,
    I just kind of randomly found your blog (was surfing some DIY stuff), and I think I *may* have gone to high school with your husband (did he go to Richard Montgomery High in Rockville, MD?). I don't think we were the same year, though... so he probably would not remember me. I think I had friends who were friends of his. His name & face look familiar though. Anyway, I am really enjoying checking out your blog, and I think your philosophy on how to throw a fun (not fussy) get together is great! I tend to be a perfectionist, but am learning to not be that way when it comes to hosting things. :)
    I also see that you read Young House Love, which I also read! I actually live in the same city as them now, and just got to meet them two weeks ago. They are cute in real life too, in case you were wondering. :)
    Randa (maiden name Khouri)

  7. Hi Tanja,

    I am a writer for the interior design website Simplifying Fabulous and have a press inquiry for you. Would you mind emailing me at brittny (at) robinbarondesign.com? I couldn't find a contact email on your site. Thank you so much!



  8. Jeremy LocatelliMay 8, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    Hey Tanja,

    I have a favor to ask of you. I'm doing a school project and I would really appreciate it if you gave me some of your time. The postmodern Bathroom that is one of your post is fantastic and i was wondering if you could send me the dimensions of the room and maybe a couple of objects. It would be SUPER SUPER awesome and make my project a lot easier. You can Contact me at Chickencoop720@gmail.com Cheers!

  9. Hi Tanja,

    I came across your photos of your home and I love your bed! Would you mind telling me where you got it from? I've been looking for an upholstered bed. Thanks!

    You can contact me at betty703@gmail.com


  10. Hi Tanja,

    I came across your photos of your home and I love your bed! Would you mind telling me where you got it from? I've been looking for an upholstered bed. Thanks!

    You can contact me at betty703@gmail.com



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